Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter review

Transform any scene into a creative playground with this light stretching filter from Moment - ideal for music photography

Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter review
(Image: © Beth Nicholls)

Digital Camera World Verdict

This 67mm lens filter from Moment is amazing for those wanting to experiment with light in new ways, able to bend and stretch the lighting around you to creatively enhance a scene and add a dramatic cine-flare to your portraits, night shoots, and even band shots when shooting a live performance.


  • +

    Fantastic for stage and performance lights

  • +

    Comes in 67, 77, or 82mm diameters

  • +

    Adds a new element to your image

  • +

    Can be fitted to your phone using Phone Filter Mount

  • +

    Also available in Blue Streak


  • -

    Doesn't always react to the lights that it sees

  • -

    A little on the expensive side

  • -

    Prevents the lens cap from being fully secure (but still fits)

  • -

    Doesn't work as well during the day

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This professional lens filter from Moment is designed to add anamorphic and cinematic flares to your images without the need for purchasing a full-blown high-end, and likely super-expensive, anamorphic lens for your camera. Available in both the Blue Streak and Gold Streak variants, this lens filter was made for the creative types and those who enjoy experimentation in photography.

The flare angle can be adjusted easily with this filter, causing both horizontal and vertical light flares to appear across your image depending on which way you rotate the filter once it's attached to your lens. It can also be purchased in several different sizes to fit any of your lenses, and can be attached to your smartphone too using Moment's Phone filter adapter (sold separately). 

Being light as air and super thin, you'll probably forget that there's even a filter on your lens while shooting with it (which happened multiple times during testing), and as a result, end up with some unexpected and accidental creative flair images when shooting basic portraits, or the ducks at the local pond. 

Equipped with 30 layers of advanced coatings that include anti-scratch, anti-reflection, hydrophobic, and anti-oil defenses, this filter can take on pretty much anything. Despite the multiple layers, it still offers exceptional image clarity and can even improve the sharpness of your photos- just remember to use a cleaning cloth on it every once in a while to keep it fingerprint free.

Not sure which filter is best for your camera system, or how it can be used to enhance your photography? See our camera filters explained guide to learn the key differences between a polarizing filter compared with ND grads. 


Thread sizes: 67mm/77mm/82mm
Mount: Compatible with any lens that matches the diameters, plus M-Series (Moment) Lenses and almost any smartphone using a filter mount.
Accessories: Includes Moment Single Filter Case and microfiber cloth 
Material: Aluminum

What's in the box? Case and cloth. (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter : Build and handling

The CineFlare streak filter from Moment is impressively well constructed and seems to be made from strong stuff, feeling a little dense and sturdy when in hand, yet light as a feather when attached to a lens and adding no weight at all to your setup. 

Made from precision-machined aluminum, the housing of this filter is fully rotatable while attached to a lens, so you can adjust the flare angle however you like. Premium Japanese optical glass was used to maintain a super crisp image with great clarity, and you can even stack the filter with an additional Moment CineBloom Filter on top for an ultra-dreamy aesthetic look. 

Compatible with any lens that matches the diameters, the filter can also be fitted to all  Moment M-Series smartphone Lenses using the Moment 67mm M-Series Lens Filter Mount as well as onto almost any smartphone camera unit using the universal Moment 67mm Phone Filter Mount which we also tested.

Moment filter kit for M-series lenses (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

You definitely wouldn't be able to easily break or crack this filter - unless, of course, you drop your lens face down onto a concrete surface which is likely every photographer's worst fear. But on the plus side, having a lens filter attached might even act as extra protection for your lens if this were to ever occur, as it sits snuggly between your lens and the lens cap. 

I did however experience a few instances of the Tamron lens cap not seeming as tightly secured to the lens that was used for testing, while this filter was sandwiched in between, and not being able to grip on as well to the lens as it could without the filter attached. But the fact that the lens cap can still be used on top of these filters at all is super convenient for timely shoots and needing to pack gear away fast.  

Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter: Performance

The overall performance of this filter was surprising, to say the least. The effects it can create are really something special, and without the need for purchasing art or anamorphic lenses to achieve these effects mean it's money well spent (and saved). 

Even during post-processing, it would be difficult to replicate the effects that this lens filter can effortlessly achieve in the best lighting in a matter of seconds. As a music photographer, using this filter at a concert was the perfect scenario for testing out the angled flares and putting it through its paces, and it didn't disappoint. 

(Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

Using this filter actually encouraged me to get out and start shooting more street photography while on the hunt for lighting locations that could make use of the filter's effects (coffee shops are great!), and also to delve into some night photography that I wouldn't normally experiment with. 

One thing to be aware of though, is that when creating bokeh while shooting using a lens with this filter attached, you will find barred lines appearing through the light circles created as a result of the shallow depth of field. Some photographers might like this look, but personally, I thought it ruined the creamy bokeh effect. Head to the sample images section for an example of what I'm talking about. 

The included Moment filter case is also extremely well-made and durable, with a luxury premium quality to it. And it was super useful for carrying the filter in a bag or pocket, plus having the case handy should you need to switch between filters and for safe-keeping. It also comes included with a teeny tiny microfibre cloth too.

Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter : Sample Images

An image captured of the band: Waterparks  (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / Distorted Sound Magazine)

An image captured of the band: Waterparks (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / Distorted Sound Magazine)

As you can see from the images above, this filter is the ultimate companion when paired with one of the best lenses for music photography, and any larger-scale performances involving bright and adapting stage lights. 

Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter: Verdict

So what makes the Moment CineFlare Gold Streak Filter worth the almost US$100 price tag? It might be expensive, but it's worth the time it will save you in editing to get the same effects and is far cheaper than investing in an anamorphic or artsy lens if you're looking to experiment with light flares before making a larger commitment. 

Moment is renowned for making high-quality products to suit photographers, filmmakers, vloggers, content creators, and videographers alike - and this filter is no exception to its impressive standards. The fact it's also compatible with most modern smartphones is a bonus too, and if you already have a Moment case for your phone, it can be used with its range of smartphone lenses too. 

The filter is attached to my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as the Moment Macro 10x Lens(Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

It's definitely worth investing in a reliable filter that can elevate your craft, so effortlessly, and in such a fun and experimental way that adds mystery to how your photos might turn out and the endless creative ways it can be used.

Undoubtedly an excellent lens accessory and photographic companion, if you're a photographer looking to take your shots to the next level then this pocket-sized CineFlare Streak lens filter is ideal for traveling light, and for keeping it close by if a photo opportunity arises. 

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Beth Nicholls
Staff Writer

A staff writer for Digital Camera World, Beth has an extensive background in various elements of technology with five years of experience working as a tester and sales assistant for CeX. After completing a degree in Music Journalism, followed by obtaining a Master's degree in Photography awarded by the University of Brighton, she spends her time outside of DCW as a freelance photographer specialising in live music events and band press shots under the alias 'bethshootsbands'.